Pepper & Salt Combo
Pepper & Salt Combo
Pepper & Salt Combo
Pepper & Salt Combo
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We love black pepper so much we created a way to put it to work increasing the absorption of nutrients. Black pepper is the world's most popular spice and plays a significant role in traditional medicine. The essential oil of black pepper is piperine, a powerful antioxidant. Be careful though, the conventional black pepper drying process leaves behind imbedded mold. NutriPepper changed that with a clean recipe blending natural piperine oil with organic rice. Classic black pepper spice at 5% piperine and no moldy peppercorn shell... NutriPeppers' been shaking it up since '08...


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Piperine increases curcumin absorption 2000%

A functional food

Put Nutripepper to work for you! We make piperine more bioavailable. Piperine is shown to increase nutrient absorption and block the formation of new fat cells.

ISO certified

Third party lab verified for piperine content and quality. NutriPepper's 5% piperine content is more consistent than regular black pepper and without the outer peppercorn shell. Ground Swell Foods is FDA registered.

Easy to digest

Our recipe is made fresh with organic rice and pure piperine oil. No peppercorn shell and no shell mold.

What's on your table?
NutriPepper has a consistent amount of bioavailable piperine. Piperine is shown to boost nutrient absorption and fight fat by blocking the formation of new fat cells. There is excellent research on the benefits of piperine in black pepper - check out what the experts are saying.

We paired our pepper with the best compliment, Himalayan pink salt - NutriSalt is a mineral rich pink salt mined in the Himalayan Mountain range, free of bleach, preservatives and chemical additives. The world's most original spice.

Our Happy Customers!

I love NutriPepper! They've got a different product, and they all tastes superb.

Sharon, LA

A friend of mine recommended me Nutripepper, it's been a year and I always order my salt and pepper combo from here.

Melinda, New York

This is my 3rd order from here. Nutrisalt tastes really good and helps with better digestion as well. 5 star for their quality products.


Jessica, Dallas