About Us

Established 2008 in St. Augustine, Florida. Our team of food professionals from the restaurant and foodservice community uncovered the dark secret of black pepper. It all started when a family member was put on popular diet to improved health and lose weight. Back in the 1980's this diet called for not using black pepper because it is fumigated with ethylene oxide, a carcinogen. This and irradiation are methods to control bacteria on imported spices. After careful research the benefits of black pepper were in doubt. Years later another family member developed diverticulitis and her doctor advised her not to use black pepper because it doesn't digest and can irritate your colon. We found out however that black pepper gets its spiciness form piperine, a powerful antioxidant. This antioxidant is a great benefit and is the reason for black peppers use in traditional medicine.

We set out to develop a black pepper spice using pure piperine oil, that will digest easier, and it has not been fumigated or irradiated. Piperine, is one of the harbingers to good health as it helps start the digestive process. We made it easy to get bioavailable piperine every day. Just shake it on. Our recipe eliminates mold too.  Try some today!